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Grab a mug of your favorite drink and take the stress out of content creation.

With everything on your to-do list, you can't afford to let writer's block or shifting priorities slow you down or hold you back. I’ll work with you to plan next steps or simply deliver customized content into your waiting hands.


Author Support Services

Fiction or reality, past or future, poetry or prose, telling your story is important. The path from inspiration to publication is long and full of stumbling blocks. With the right tools and support, you can make it to the end of that journey with a complete, cohesive story to share. I offer manuscript evaluation, editing services, beta reading, and early review to help you conquer writer’s block.

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Content Creation Services

Running a business takes hard work, dedication, and—most of all—time. Why fret about blog posts or social media content if you don't have to? Instead, let me handle your content writing needs so you can focus on the work you love. From blog articles to e-books, Tweets to Facebook posts, there’s a wide range of content solutions to meet your needs, every bit of it customized to engage your audience, build your credibility, and grow your brand.

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Curriculum Design Services

Educating young minds is demanding at the best of times. Whether you’re a professional educator or a home-schooling parent, teaching lessons is just one part of your challenge. The behind-the-scenes work is no less important and just as draining — lesson planning, curriculum design, documentation, getting materials and supplies...and the list goes on. Ease the burden with grade- or age-appropriate lesson plans aligned with Common Core standards and a social justice worldview.

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My Office

Anywhere my computer can connect to reliable WiFi. My home office. A coffee shop. Wherever I am, I'm there for your content creation needs.


News & Notes

Your one-stop spot for content creation resources, book reviews, and updates on my current projects.

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