The newsletter is gorgeous!! Awesome awesome job!
— Karli M. | Oakbrook HOA

Happy Clients


I'm really impressed with the newsletter. You're doing a great job!

— Cindy M.
Oakbrook HOA

As a long time word processor (old term!) and proofreader, I want to
commend you on a terrific newsletter! It's filled with eye-catching items and great photos. Keep up the great work. I for one certainly appreciate your time, effort, and talent.
Joyce Prince

— Joyce P.
Oakbrook HOA

I have been impressed with Jessica's drive to bring a love of literature to our students. She uses technology and current issues to bring literature to life.

— Linda C.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


Jessica is an asset to her Language Arts team of teachers who are trying to achieve the best education for their students. She has worked with her team to develop units and lessons that are differentiated to meet the needs of  students. She brings to her work honesty, intelligence, and professionalism, as well as a new
perspective from diverse areas and cultures.

— Adrienne C.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


Jessica is an exemplary woman - reflecting great leadership skills and creative diligence in her work. She is willing to go the extra mile with a smile and wondrous grace. I would love to have her work on any team with me! 

— Loretta G.
St. John Lutheran Church & School

Jessica is creative, dynamic, and diligent in planning and achieving the goals and objectives that she sets.  When working on assignments in groups, she focused on cooperating and problem-solving -- two skills that would prove valuable in any school or work environment.

— Brian J.
College of William & Mary